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Ticket Archiver for Freshdesk

The ”Senzum Ticket Archiver” application enables export of a single tickets data with the addition of statistics, requester & company information and conversations.

Useful when there is a need to export ticket data for archiving purposes and you don’t want to export the entire helpdesk contents from the Built-in Freshdesk function.
The exported result is presented in a JSON-file that is automatically presented for download in the browser within a couple of seconds.

Installation and usage

Quick and easy installation.

Requirements: The API-key from a user within the Freshdesk Helpcenter that have access to all tickets.

Installation: necessary settings are pre-populated from the currently logged in users API-Key, thus just click Install if that is correct or replace the API-key with the desired one.


  • Open the ticket that you wish to export

  • Open the Senzum Archiver tab in the right sidebar

  • Click the button that is presented to start the export

  • Download starts automatically

Senzum Ticket Archiver

$ 1 / account / month

Payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Marketplace Apps are available for Freshdesk subscriptions from Growth plan and above.

Simplify the archiving needs…

with a quick and easy to use solution with a low cost plan in comparison to other tools on the market. The app is charged per Freshdesk account per month in accordance to your original Freshdesk commit.

Privacy information

This app communicates directly within your own Freshdesk instance from a user that have access to your data.

There are no middlewares or other gateways that process the information collected from your Freshdesk instance.

Data delivery is local in the browser used by the agent.

Delivered files are not stored in Freshdesk or other platforms.


Support is available via sending a ticket request to

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